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As an information processing service provides, Libra Core LLC. (hereafter referred to as “Libra Core”) is committed to maintaining the trust and faith of our customers by ensuring customer data is secured and safeguarded. In order to maintain and improve our capability to protect customer information, Libra Core establishes a basic policy on information security and will abide by the information security policy set out below.

Information security policy guidelines

  1. Libra Core will take measures to protect information assets from unauthorized access, loss, leakage, and tampering. Security measures will be continuously improved upon in order to adapt to evolving threats.
  2. Libra Core will perform a continuous risk assessment for all relevant information assets and take appropriate security measures for each risk.
  3. Libra Core will continuously train and educate its directors, officers, and employees to raise their awareness of information security and maintain their understanding of Libra Core’s information security management system.
  4. Libra Core will comply with laws, regulations, and standards related to information security.
  5. Libra Core will comply with all contractual requirements related to information security and confidentiality contained in contracts with our customers.
  6. Libra Core will strive to prevent the occurrence of information security breaches, and in the case of such a breach, take appropriate measures to prevent repeat occurrences.

Libra Core LLC as a corporation with social responsibilities, hereby establishes and observes the following basic policy in order to prevent damage caused by “anti-social” groups or individuals (“Anti-Social Forces”).

  1. We will have absolutely no dealings with Anti-Social Forces.
  2. We will strengthen our cooperation with external specialists such as police and attorneys, to be prepared to deal with unjustified demands from Anti-Social Forces.
  3. We will never provide any funding to or engage in any transactions with Anti-Social Forces.
  4. We will take measures against unjustified demands from Anti-Social Forces through the commitment of our corporation as a whole, and make efforts to ensure the safety of corporate officers and employees who deal with unjustified demands.
  5. We will take measures against unjustified demands from Anti-Social Forces with absolute fortitude, such as by taking civil and criminal legal actions in response to such demands.